Back from the CDR

The LODESTAR team have made it back to Uppsala after attending the Critical Design Review (CDR) at ESTEC in the Netherland.

During the CDR a panel of experts reviewed the design of the LODESTAR experiment and gave important input for the ongoing manufacture and testing of the experiment.

Critical Design Review at ESTEC

The LODESTAR team is now prepared and ready to go to ESTEC for the critical design review. At the critical designed review the design of the LODESTAR experiment will be examined and the team will hold a brief presentation on the current status of the experiment.

We are very excited!

Student experiment documentation work

The Lodestar team is working together on improving the student experiment documentation. The student experiment documentation is a document describing the Lodestar experiment in detail ranging from design of the experiment to implementation. The deadline for handing in the updated document is on Friday the 6th of April, 2018.

Student training week, ESRANGE

The team members, Hugo Laurell (Team Leader) Arvid Larsson (Software design) Lowe Lundin (Electrical design) and Johan Paulsson (Mechanical design) currently attend the student training week at ESRANGE. Here the team members learn about project planning, circuit design, thermal design, software design and more details regarding the BEXUS 26 project. On Monday the 5th the team members presented the Preliminary design to a panel of experts successfully and have made slight design changes such as increasing the number of solar panels.

Selection Workshop Results

The LODESTAR experiment was selected to participate in cycle 11 of the REXUS/BEXUS programme. The experiment have been granted preliminary accommodation on BEXUS 26. Recruitment and work on the Student Experiment Documentation, SED, was initiated.